How the live showcases work

The St. Royals bands regularly perform live around Toronto.

SR Trio - Intimate and upbeat 3-piece mini powerhouse

St. Royals - Award winning 7 and 9-piece cover bands

Superband - Showstopping, and incomparable 16-piece soul experience

Anyone considering hiring The St. Royals as their event band or wedding band is encouraged to attend a free showcase with the 7- and 9-piece bands, typically held at the Drake Hotel and see the bands perform live!  There will often be multiple St. Royals live bands showcasing the exciting St. Royals funk, soul, Motown and RnB repertoire. SR Trio and the Superband are also available for events!

"Thank you for such an amazing show at our wedding! So many compliments from our guests!"

Joanna Hinds

More praise for The St. Royals..

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Gladstone Hotel: Wed, Feb 1st

The St. Royals live bands will be having their first free showcase of 2012 at the famous Gladstone Hotel's Melody Bar!  The showcase format will be the same as before: there will be two live St. Royals 7-piece wedding bands including 6 vocalists and a hot horn section!  They will be showcasing many of the talented musicians and their sizzling dance-floor-packing repertoire of new contemporary and classic funk, soul, motown and RnB hits!  


If you are considering having live music at your wedding or event, you are always encouraged to audition the live bands before you book and the Gladstone is a sensational place to do it!  
There is no cover charge, entry is FREE!
Live music starts at 9pm Sharp!

Axis Gastropub was the home of St. Royals free live showcases for all of 2011.  It is undergoing some major renovations and we wish them well with the new business!